yearning, yearning


-stops walking ans smiles- I’m Nic. Who might you be?

-turns towards her, pushing his hair out of his eyes- Cast. Uh, nice to meet you, Nic. 


-continues walking, picking her head up to see where the humming was coming from- Hi. -she speaks as she keeps walking at a leisurely pace-

-is surprised by the greeting, looking up and smiling at the passing figure- Oh, uh, hello…? 


-walks along the grounds returning from the forest. stops because she hears the humming- Oh god, not another person. -keeps walking her head cast down-

-just walks along normally, not really noticing the other person as he goes, and definitely doesn’t notice he’s begun to walk in her direction- 

-walks out along the grounds, just humming to himself as he does so- 


Mitchell Davis everyone


[nods, pretending everything’s normal, something she’s very good at] I’m good. tired, though. school’s a bit hectic at the moment. You?

I’m glad you’re good, love. I understand, halfway through the semester and things just kick off… Oh, I’m alright too. I mean… generally alright.